A Century of Golf on the Island


The Island Golf Club is officially recognized as having been founded in 1890, but recent research suggests that 1888 or 1889 might be more accurate. Unlike many other clubs, The Island had no military connection. It was established as a private club for the benefit of its members and their families.

The ten founder members, known as the ‘Syndicate,’ allowed others to join the club as annual ticket holders. Over time, this term evolved to ‘associate member.’ Most Syndicate members were already part of The Dublin Golf Club (later The Royal Dublin GC), founded in 1885.

In September 1887, four men rowed across the channel separating Malahide from the land known locally as the Island. Their mission was to survey the wilderness and assess its suitability as a golf links. The original course had eighteen individual holes and followed valleys between sand dunes.

The Syndicate’s ten members included John Redmond Blood, David Francis Moore, James J. Law, James Rippingham Bristow, Henry J. Daly, William Samuel Hayes, James Henry Barrington, Godfrey Ferguson, Thomas Stewart, and Daniel Martin Wilson. Henry J. Daly, an original Syndicate member, served as the GUI’s Honorary Secretary from 1899 to 1905. In 1952, the Syndicate generously gifted its entire interest in the club to associate members, who became the new full members and owners of The Island Golf Club.

The clubhouse relocation necessitated the need for course re-orientation which involved a number of architects including Fred Hawtree, Eddie Hackett and, later still, Martin Hawtree. The most recent design changes were done by Mackenzie & Ebert in 2019.

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A History of the Island Golf Club 1890-1990

Very Good condition, hardcover in dust jacket.

“The club has hosted many championships over the years: the Irish Ladies’ Close Championship; the Irish Close Championship; the Irish PGA Championship; the European Youths’ Championships; the Irish Amateur Open Championship; The Open Amateur Championship (shared with Portmarnock GC), and has been a venue for several years as a qualifying venue for The Open Championship.”

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