Legends in their Spare Time (Volume One)


“Legends in their Spare Time” by Shane O’Donoghue is a compelling tribute to the remarkable achievements of Irish amateur golfers. The book delves into the lives and legacies of nine extraordinary individuals who, despite their professional careers outside of golf, have made significant contributions to the sport in Ireland.

O’Donoghue’s narrative is rich with anecdotes and recollections that bring these legends to life. From an undertaker who triumphed over Tiger Woods to a bank manager who dominated ladies’ golf, the stories are as diverse as they are inspiring. The author highlights the passion and dedication of these amateurs who pursued golfing excellence while balancing their day jobs, earning them the title of ‘legends in their spare time’.

The book is not just a historical account; it’s a celebration of the spirit of amateur golf and its impact on the game’s evolution in Ireland. Padraig Harrington, the 2007 Open Champion, praises the work for its storytelling and the inclusion of priceless photographs that enrich the reader’s experience.

Overall, “Legends in their Spare Time” is a must-read for golf enthusiasts and anyone interested in the extraordinary feats of ordinary people. It’s a testament to the love of the game and the indomitable spirit of those who play it.

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O'Donoghue, Shane


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