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  1. good morning,
    I have programme of an exhibition match which took place at the Hazel Grove Golf Club in Stockport in 1953, playing in the match was Fred Daly. In 1990 i met Fred whilst working as Head Greenkeeper at Royal Portrush Golf Club, Fred kindly signed my two programmes.
    On this year when the Open Championship returns to Portrush i was wondering if the programmes have any value.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Despite the connection I am not sure the Open at Portrush will enhance its value as its value lies more as an item of memorabilia for Hazel Grove GC rather than for Daly/Portrush. A signed Fred Daly book went for £30 at auction last month and this was probably at lower end of scale for this item so even that doesn’t appear to be benefitting from the Open Championship. Maybe a rising tide doesn’t float all boats.

      Apologies for delay in responding and this is only an opinion but I would concentrate on its value as a rare piece of memorabilia for Hazel Grove with the added value of it having been signed by an Open champion.

      Of more value is probably your memories as head greenkeeper at RPGC.

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