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Irish Golf Quotes

Of all the golfers I have watched down the years there was one whose game had a quality of excitement that was incomparable. Hogan and Cotton could stir the imagination..Thomson and Snead could create an awareness of beauty..but the golf of none of these men had a greater dramatic appeal for me than that of James Bruen, Citizen of Cork.

Pat Ward-Thomas

The Klondyke and the Dell are defective golf holes, but at Lahinch they are absolutely right: two living museum pieces, two perfect holes.

Herbert Warren Wind

But the links giveth and the links taketh away. It can be cruel and beautiful, usually in the same round, occasionally on the same hole, and once in a while on the same shot.

Tom Watson : True Links by George Peper and Malcolm Campbell

“You know, it’s funny, there are more horses’ asses than there are horses.”

Bobby Locke

“Lahinch will make the finest and most popular golf course that I, or I believe anyone else, ever constructed.”

Alister MacKenzie

I never got to Portrush, which was a shame because Peter Alliss always said it was his favourite. And I got bored with St Andrews. I like the courses that weren’t Open Courses, North Berwick and Western Gailes. And Prestwick because it was so old. But I played Portmarnock with Joe Carr. It was the hardest course I’d ever played but Joe just mastered it. He was a hell of a golfer.

Dan Jenkins

“Give that little wretch (Mark Gannon) a wedge and a putter and he’d get in and out of hell without getting his clothes singed”

Mick Morris

“Christy remains, with Sam Snead, the most naturally gifted golfer I have ever seen.”

Gary Player

“Christy flows through the ball like fine wine.”

Lee Trevino

Harry Bradshaw is my ideal golfer – successful but completely unspoiled, approachable on the course and affable and good humoured off it, still managing to keep golf a game while making it his business. He can size up a shot, choose his club, hit the ball and be walking after it – all in the time it takes some to test the direction of the wind.

Henry Longhurst

Rory McIlroy could break par with a set of hockey sticks and an orange.

David Feherty

They don’t do comedy at the Masters. The Masters, for me, is like holding onto a really big collection of gas for a week. It’s like having my buttocks surgically clenched at Augusta General Hospital on Wednesday, and surgically unclenched on Monday on the way to Hilton Head.

David Feherty

A golf course is nothing but a poolroom moved outdoors.

Barry Fitzgerald