Feherty: The Remarkably Funny and Tragic Journey of Golf’s David Feherty

The book delves into Feherty’s career as a professional golfer, his struggles with alcoholism, and the tragic loss of his son. Feinstein, with his expert storytelling, brings to life Feherty’s transformation from an athlete to a revered golf commentator and stand-up comic.

“Feinstein wrote a book about me and it is out today! Someone should buy it, it even has embarrassing photos.” David Feherty

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I asked AI to review the book in the style of David Feherty…(hopefully with therapy and time both Feinstein and Feherty will forgive me!)

Ah, where to begin with this tome of a book? It’s like trying to describe a double bogey to a non-golfer—painful yet somehow therapeutic. John Feinstein, a scribe of some renown, has taken it upon himself to chronicle my life, which is akin to herding cats or nailing jelly to a wall.

“Feherty,” the book, not the man, is a rollicking ride through the undulating fairways of my existence. It’s filled with tales that’ll make you laugh until you’re out of breath, and then suddenly, it’ll sock you in the gut with a moment of tragedy, leaving you gasping for air like a fish out of water on the 18th green.

Feinstein has done a bang-up job, I must say. He’s captured the essence of my career, from the dizzying heights of the Ryder Cup to the depths of the 19th hole, where I waged a battle with the bottle. And let’s not forget the cavalcade of characters I’ve met along the way—Tiger, Rory, Payne, and Seve, to name drop a few.

But it’s not all birdies and eagles. The book delves into the darker side of life, too—the loss of my son, the dissolution of marriages, and the struggle to find sobriety. It’s as if Feinstein has laid bare my soul, which, if you’ve seen my soul, is not always a pretty sight.

In the end, “Feherty” is a testament to the human spirit, a story of a man who’s been to hell and back and can still crack a joke about it. It’s a biography that reads like a love letter to golf and a cautionary tale rolled into one.

So, if you fancy a read that’s as unpredictable as a bounce on the links, give it a whirl. Just be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart or those with a short attention span. But then again, if you’re a fan of mine, you’re likely neither.

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