It Stance to Reason: The Intelligent Rabbit’s Guide to Golf

A humourists look at the golfing world from the perspective of the ‘Rabbit’ (bad) golfer. Probably not the book for you if you are a great golfer and can’t empathize with those less fortunate, even if Sheridan does exaggerate the depths to which his failure to master the royal and ancient game have sunk to and the impact this has had on the social interaction with other golfers.

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This is a ‘variant first edition’ which has a green cover the price on the variant edition is 5′- net compared to 3/6 on the other.

This for the most part appears to be a reprint of articles he had already written for the Irish Rosary, Irish Independent or Dublin Opinion.

Sheridan takes an initial swipe at the author of all golf books who, to date: look upon golf as a game, who pretend that they like it, and who seem to have achieved some measure of success at it: for golf is not a game, nobody likes it and successful a contradiction in terms.

Continuing with the Rabbit team he explains how, despite his atrocious golf, he managed to beat an opponent 5 down and 13 to play.

John Desmond Sheridan (1903–80) was an Irish journalist and writer. Born in Glasgow, he grew up in Dublin and had a successful career as a teacher, editor, and columnist. His writing often drew from his memories of rural Donegal and his observations of contemporary Dublin life.

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