Mornington House

Dublin Golf Club v Royal Belfast Golf Club

Saturday, 30 October 1886

Venue: The residence of Mr Thomas Gilroy, Mornington House, Coney Hall, Mornington, Co. Meath

Upon the invitation of Mr Thomas Gilroy to open the new links laid out by him on a “beautifully situated spot as the mouth of the Boyne”

Royal Belfast Golf Club       Dublin Golf Club

George L. Baillie             Tom Gilroy
H. J. Johnson                 K. MacDonald
A. Daig                       J. Stewart
P. H. Charley                 H. Roberts
Colonel Lyon-Campbell         E. C. Jackson
W. Muir                       J. Lumsden, junior
David C. Kemp (shipowner)     G. W. Melville
W.H. Smiles (captain)         J. Lumsden, senior (captain)  
J. O. Brown                   Colonel P. C. Hill
E. H. Clarke                  J. Henry
H. Herdman                    J. M. Gillies                     
F. M. Hodges                  Vernon Kyrke
Sir James Henderson D. L.     Hubert Lumsden
W. L. Wheeler
B. Fullerbin

Jim Garry writing for the Drogheda Independent quotes the golfing
journals of the day referring to the course: 

These links are without doubt the nearest approach to that of 
St. Andrew's, the premier Scottish greens... it abounds in
legitimate hazards, the bunker, the rabbit scrape, the
water and the furze. Here is not only opportunity 
for the long driver and the stealthy putter, but as to many
of the Belfast team found, for the successful player of the
sand, iron and niblick.

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